The Tab Cheat is a cheat that is absolutely prohibited in any of the Impossible Quizzes, except for the demo, where it wasn't implemented at all. The Tab button can usually be used in Flash files to highlight clickable objects; since these Quizzes (made in Flash) have a lot of tricks and searching questions, Splapp-Me-Do programmed a scenario where hitting the Tab button at any point during the questions will give you an immediate Game Over.

In the Demo, the only instance where the player not allowed to abuse the Tab button is Question 17, but only because the maze you have to get through is a clickable object itself, and only hovering the mouse over it will give you a Game Over.

The only other instance where Tabbing won't give the player a Game Over is during the mini-games of Questions 70, 80 and 90 of The Impossible Quiz Book, Chapter 2, as well as every single firmware update section of the game (following the mini-games in Questions 60, 70 and 80); during the questions themselves, the cheat protection will be in full effect like normal.

The Tab Messages

Here's a list of messages that the games have when tabbing, followed by a gallery with illustrations of those messages.



  • The Tab Cheat is referenced in Question 58 of The Impossible Quiz Book, where the second option says "Press Tab"
  • Question 118 of The Impossible Quiz 2 tells the player to press tab 50 times. Players that didn't know about the Tab Cheat would probably get a game over the first time they are on the question.

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