Rabid-Coot is a DeviantArt user. He collaborated with Splapp in the development of The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2. In DeviantArt, he posts animal photos.

Rabid-Coot's photos in the The Impossible Quiz series

In each main game of the The Impossible Quiz series, photos of Rabid-Coot appear.

Appearances in The Impossible Quiz


Appearances in The Impossible Quiz

  • Question 81: In this question, ten photos of Rabid-Coot appear as clickable options.
  • Question 95: In this question, a photo of Rabid-Coot he uploaded on Easter 2007 appears. It shows a dead new life born rabbit with a hole on the back of its head. Rabid-Coot uploaded the photo as a reminder of how fragile the new life born rabbit was.

Appearances in The Impossible Quiz Book

  • Question 94: A photo of Rabid-Coot appears in this question. It shows furry porn.
  • Question 122: In this question a photo of Rabid-Coot showing two lemurs appears. One of them is eating poo while the other lemur is staring at it.

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