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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 94

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Question 94

TIQB - 094
Difficulty Medium-Hard
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? No
Reference SpongeBob SquarePants, Toys R Us, Question 26, Question 74 (TIQ2), Frank (character created by Splapp)
Safe Question? No
Fusestopper location N/A
Lifebuoy location N/A

Question 94 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-fourth question of Chapter 2, and the fourteenth question whose inspiration comes from the Modern era of video games. When you get to this question, you're informed that "Your system is bloody infected! Run Phlovovirus 2010?". The option boxes you are given say "Yes", "No", "Restart" and "Shut down".

TIQB - 094-Correct

UGH... SO annoying!!

A few seconds after getting here, a browser window with the header "Phlovomite's Guide to the..." containing some random ad will pop up in your face, partially covering the screen. You can use the red square "X" button on the top right corner of the window to close it and continue with the question, but shortly afterwards you'll be surprised by another ad. You can close it too, but the ads will just keep popping up, not letting you think about how are you going to answer!

The truth, however, is that none of the options is correct. Pressing "Yes" will not run any antivirus software; it will just take a life away from you! Pressing "No" will produce the same effect, unsurprisingly. You'd expect the option "Restart" to actually restart the entire game from all the way back to the loading screen, but all it does is just make you lose a life as well! The option "Shut down", however, WILL restart the Flash, so by all means, do NOT press this option!

The actual answer to this question is in one of the 8 possible ads you can get while you're in here; you must close all of the ads until you find the right one. Don't get scammed: some of them look quite amusing, but if they're not the correct one, you'll lose a life!

Below is a description of each of them, as well as a gallery with pictures of each.

  1. FUSESTOPPERS 'R' US / Hundreds of new and used Fusestoppers. FuseSTOP by for a free sample!! :) / CLICK HERE FOR A FREE SAMPLE!!
    (There's also the picture of an awaken Fusestopper ready to defuse a bomb.)
  2. SICK OF BLOODY HARD QUESTIONS? / Then why not SKIP them! It's simples!
    (Some arrows come out of the text pointing at a drawing of four Skips in a row below.)
  3. WOW!! / Get your free, amazingly, fantasticly, arse-looseningly hilarious Frank emoticons. / HERE!!!!!!
    (There are three example emoticons of Frank's face to the right, each making a different gesture.)
  4. IS YOUR POWER UP INADEQUATE? / make urs bigger with painful injections around the rims. Only £299.99 per rim. / CLICK FOR INFOS
    (There's an extremely narrow Skip above "inadequate", and an extremely large one to the left of "Click for infos".)
  5. The Royal Lifebuoy Society / Support the RLS today by donating just £300 per hour and receive a free antique lifebuoy worth over £1.50. Donate now (credit cards only) / DONATE
    (There is a big Lifebuoy in front of a water-like background behind the text.)
  6. HOW MANY LIVES DO YOU HAVE? / More than 0 - Less than 5 / Clearly you need more lives. Visit
  7. DEAD ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY / Visit Dead Animal Photography today and see over 15 photographs of dead animals! / INCLUDING: - Hedgehog - Peacock -Duck -Plankton -Dinosaur -Tapeworm
    (There's also a square next to the list with a camera and a skull with only one eyeball and some blood below, and the messages "Visit Now!" and "NOW!" in red.)
  8. CLICK HERE!!! / Thousands of free dirty pics!! Hottest girls and guys from the kalahari!! / Filthy bloody yiffing!!
    (The ad also contains a big red "18" enclosed by a circle, above the red message "X-RATED!!!".)

Choosing the correct advertisement might not be that easy, though you can discard many of them by simply judging their content: The four ads offering you Power-Ups can be discarded, since you won't magically get any Power-up, other than the ones available earlier in this Chapter. Every single Quiz in the series is characterized by giving you a set amount of lives and leaving you on your own with them, so don't expect to receive any additional one; this discards the ad urging you to visit a site to get extra lives.

Out of the three remaining ones, you can definitely discard the Dead Animal Photography one (since you have already seen a dead animal in the previous Quiz, and it wasn't exactly nice). This leaves only two: the one with the Frank emotes, and the porn site... There is not much else to think about; you really would have no use for the emoticons in the Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy!

This means that the correct ad is the one about the X-rated pictures; you know, since Chris could be really interested in taking a break from all these mini-games and the Guide just so happens to be connected to the Earth's Internet... Anyway, click the flashing "CLICK HERE!!!" text on the ad (ONLY that text; not anywhere else within the ad) and the Guide's browser will load a screen of two meerkats, one of which is just laid on its back while the other one quite confidently keeps its head on its mate's private parts... Yup.

Some people can be heard pleasantly yelling in the background, before you're sent to the following question.
Random This question contains varying parameters you need to know.


  • The picture of the meerkats used in this question was taken from the deviantArt page of long-time TIQ collaborator Rabid-Coot (previously Etinogard). It was originally uploaded in 2009, with the name "Gob Job", and if you happen to be interested in taking a look at it, you can click here.
  • This is the third (and last) case where a question has an option to restart the Flash from the loading screen. The previous two were:
    • Question 74 from The Impossible Quiz 2, where the task said "Click 'Yes' to exit", and doing so would effectively make you exit... out of the questions.
    • Question 26 from Chapter 1, where one of the options says "Please don't press this", obviously trying to lure you into clicking it by using reverse psychology.
  • It is unknown how Splapp programmed the random parameters in this question, but he must have made sure that every time, the pornography ad would eventually come - otherwise, the question would be impossible to pass!

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