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Question 93

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Question 93

TIQB - 093
Difficulty Easy
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? No
Reference "Bionic Commando" (2009 video game)
Safe Question? No
Fusestopper location N/A
Lifebuoy location N/A

Question 93 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-third question of Chapter 2, and the thirteenth question representing the Modern era of video games. In this case, you're asked "What is the worst thing you can discover about your wife?". The options you're given are "She has been murdered!", "She has been kidnapped!", "She used to be a man!" and "She is your bionic arm!".

The question is referencing the 2009 video game "Bionic Commando", released for PS3, XBox 360 and PC: in the game, you control Nathan Spencer, a man with a robotic arm, who for the most part during the game thought that his wife had gone missing. However, at one point, one of the characters, who played as Nathan's partner before eventually betraying him, reveals that his wife actually never left, which points at the fact that she had somehow become a part of Nathan's bionic arm (which apparently wouldn't have been possible if they weren't emotionally and physically synced).

In other words, this means that the most shocking revelation you could ever face in your life regarding your wife is that "She is your bionic arm!", so you must click this option to continue with your own adventure.

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