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Question 93



10 seconds


Worms / The Christmas Sigworminator

Question 93 from the Impossible Quiz presents you with a Worm wearing a Santa hat, a striped scarf and a Baseball bat, and surrounding it is a variety of hats, hairdos and other weird accesories, all of which are movable. You can even move the accesories the Worm is wearing, and change them for some of the ones around it. There's also a 10-second bomb on the screen. Everything in the question is movable, so is the bomb. If you move it away, you'll find a small arrow-shaped green button, with the word "GO!" written on it; click it in order to move on.

The location of the button, on the top right corner.


  • This question seems to have been inspired by Splapp-Me-Do's "Christmas Sigworminator", a Flash he released on 2006 on his deviantArt page which lets you customize a Worm as you please. The Worm, the accesories and the background in this Question appear to have all been taken from that Flash.

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