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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 90

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Question 90

TIQB - 090 (1)
Difficulty Easy-Medium
Skippable? No
Bomb? No
Reference "Pokémon" / "Doctor Who"
"Team Fortress 2" / Eye-On-Legs
Safe Question? No
Fusestopper location N/A
Lifebuoy location N/A

Question 90 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the fortieth question of Chapter 2, and the tenth question to use the Modern video game era-inspired visual theme.

Halfway through this final stretch of the game, you're presented with what appears to be a standard yet unskippable four-option question, which contains a rather odd statement: "A Phlovomite approaches...", as well as four options, which say "Fight!", "Run!", "Hide!" and "Bab yourself!".

You don't know why you would be told such a thing by a question from the Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy, though it wouldn't be wrong to assume that a real Phlovomite is approaching Chris outside of the device. Either way, you can't just run away from someone, especially in an occasion like this; that would make you look like a coward! Sometimes you just NEED to face the enemy, which is why the correct option is "Fight!".

TIQB - 090 (2)

Screenshot of the mini-game.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, after correctly choosing the answer, the screen will flash in black and white before cutting to a completely white background with a text box in the lower part. Chris and a Phlovomite will then slide into view facing each other, with Chris's name, level (69) and health bar appearing to his right, similarly to how the Phlovomite has a counter with six empty round spaces (with only one of them filled) to his left. The text box below them makes a statement that perfectly describes the situation: "PHLOVOMITE would like to battle!".

This means that you have reached the Chapter's fourth and final mini-game, and the inspiration for it is none other than the long-living series of role-playing games born during the 90's: it's time now for a "Pokémon" battle!! The rules are simple: if you win the battle, you'll proceed right away. If you lose, however, Chris will just rage-quit and you'll black out, hallucinating about losing a life (and effectively losing one) before the battle starts all over!

Noskip You cannot skip this question.
Random This question contains varying parameters you need to know.

The battle will begin with the Phlovomite sending out one of two possible enemies (not actual Pokémon, mind you). You're in control of Level 69 Chris, and you have four possible attacks to use during this mini-game: Bite, Scratch, Poke and Meow. Only the first three do damage; the fourth one does absolutely nothing, other than writing "U MAD!?" on the text box. You'll have to choose your attack depending on who your enemy is; just like type match-ups, all you need is some common sense to pick the attack with the advantage!

The two possible opponents you might face are Eye-On-Legs (level 27) and Bacon (level 56).

1)    PHLOVOMITE sends out EYE ON LEGS!
TIQB - 090 (7)

A half-eye, half-leg creature!

It's one of Splapp-Me-Do's own characters. Compared to the Phlovomite's other Pokémon, this one is relatively easier to beat since its level is WAY lower than yours. Its only attack is called Scrotal Slap, which is super effective against Chris and will deduct about 4/10 of his HP.

To beat it, you must simply attack him using Poke twice or Scratch twice, since doing so to someone's eyes in real life would be extremely painful! These are super effective against it and deduct half of the Eye's health. After attacking twice with either of the two moves, it will be defeated and you'll win the battle.

The Phlovomite will then slide back into view, with the text "PHLOVOMITE was defeated!" appearing on the text box, followed by his reaction to being defeated: "I hate you, you little ginger bumhole.".

2)    PHLOVOMITE sends out BACON!
TIQB - 090 (3)

An anthropomorphical piece of BACON!

An odd creature that looks like a normal human wearing a suit and a blank circle with a picture of bacon covering its entire face. This one is a harder opponent with a deadly move called Facestab! This attack can get you killed instantly, without even being super-effective against you! It also has another less effective move called Sizzle, which will barely do damage to you.

To beat this Pokémon, you must ONLY attack him using Bite twice; after all, Pokémon or not, it's still yummy bacon! This is the only effective move against him; attempting to attack him with any other move will most probably result in your failure. You will take half of his HP away with every bite, so two of them should be enough.

After defeating him, the Phlovomite will also scroll into view as the same victory text appears, though his reaction to being defeated is actually different. Rather, the text will display: "PHLOVOMITE has found A FEZ. Fezzes are cool.".

TIQB - 090 (5)


Shall you turn out as the winner of the battle in either case, a big black 9 written in a retro video game-styled font briefly appear on screen (similarly to the "5", the "7" and the "1" that have followed the different firmware updates of the device), before you proceed right away.

Thus you continue your journey through the questions of the Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy. There is no firmware update this time around, which means that you must keep going through the remaining 10 questions inspired by the Modern video game era. You have to make your way to the final question, where you will be able to open the cell door that is restraining Chris from his own freedom.

But for now, your adventure is to be continued without any firmware update interruptions... in Question number 91.


  • While the mechanism of the "Pokémon" games has been for the most part replicated in this mini-game, it doesn't involve gaining experience points or levelling-up. This is because it's a one-off special occasion, and there will be no other Pokémon battle after this one.
  • The music used during the battle is a remix of the Kanto Trainer Battle music from the Johto-based Pokémon games (Gold/Silver/Crystal and their remakes HeartGold/SoulSilver). The remix was made by Newgrounds user ChEsDeRmAn, it's simply called "Pokemon Battle", and you can listen to it by clicking here!
  • The line of text that follows the defeat of Bacon, where the Phlovomite finds a fez and fezzes are stated to be cool, is a reference to TV series "Doctor Who". Fezzes have recurrently appeared through the show, and at one point one of the Doctor's incarnation took a fez from an exhibition and proudly wore it, and when queried by another character, he simply answered: "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool".
  • The Bacon enemy is actually the Spy from "Team Fortress 2", wearing a mask with a picture of bacon on it.
  • Like in "Pac-Frank" and "Phlovomites Vs. Spatulons", you can press the Tab key at will during the entirety of the Pokémon battle without getting a Game Over (unless you press it during the question at the beginning of it, of course).
  • In the game's "Credits" section, specifically in the part that lists all of the music tracks used, this particular question was named "Jokémon".

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