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Question 8








Question 22 (TIQD)

Safe question?


Question 8 from the Impossible Quiz is the first searching question of the game, and takes inspiration from a similar one featured in the Impossible Quiz Demo, specifically from Question 22. It has the task "Search!" written in big letters on the upper part, with nothing else appearing on screen, other than the question number, your lives and the holes for the skips.

Here, all of the clickable options are invisible. When you put your cursor over one of them, it becomes visible until you move it away. There is a total of 14 possible choices, all of them containg a drawing and/or a message. 13 of these choices are red; those are the wrong ones. You must find the green check with the word "Yes!" beside it, which is located right below the letters "Se" in "Search!". Click it, and you'll proceed right away.


Every answer on Question 8 visible.

Demo 22 check

The original question, as it appears in the Demo.

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