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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 83

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Question 83

TIQB - 083
Difficulty Medium-Hard
Skippable Yes
Bomb Yes (red bomb from previous question; remainder of the 15 sec)
Reference None
Safe Question No
Fusestopper location N/A
Lifebuoy location N/A

Question 83 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-third question of Chapter 2, and third one that follows the Modern video game era visual theme.

The player is asked "Which is shortest?", with the possible answers being "Femtosecond", "Yoctosecond", "Yottasecond" and "Attosecond". The red bomb from the previous question is still here, and the time the player has to answer this question will depend on the remaining time he/she had after correctly answering the previous one.

All of the options, as the player kinds of expect, are units of time, though he/she most probably haven't even heard about them; and it's understandable. After all, these aren't the player's typical everyday ways of measuring time; they stand for either immensely huge or tiny periods of time.

These are the equivalences of these units of time:

  • A yottasecond equals roughly 32 quadrillion years (3.2 x 1016 years).
  • A femtosecond is the equivalent to the quadrillionth part of a second (10-15 of a second).
  • The player might think it can't get any smaller than that, but the attosecond is the equicalent to a quintillionth of a second (10-18 of a second).
  • This isn't small enough, though, because the shortest unit of time here is the yoctosecond, which is the septillionth part of a second, or 10-24 of it. That's twenty-four 0's before the unit 1.

There is an even smaller unit of time in existence called the Planck time, but it is not present in any of the options here, so the answer to this question is the top-right option box, "Yoctosecond".

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