The Impossible Quiz
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Question 82

Very hard (Somewhat easy on mobile)

Special Attributes



Yes: 6 sec (PC), 10 sec (iOS)



Question 82 from the Impossible Quiz is an unskippable 6-second bomb question that displays a pair of feet with large toenails. 

Besides using some quick-thinking, what you have to do is to use your reflexes and your mouse to cut all ten toenails before the timer of the bomb runs out. Simply click on each of them and they'll get cut immediately. You have to approximately cut one toenail each 0.6 seconds.
Noskip You cannot skip this question.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, this question is almost the same, with the only difference that the bomb has 10 seconds instead of only 6. The rate to approximately cut one toenail is each 1 second.

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