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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 78

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Question 78

TIQB - 078
Difficulty Hard
Skippable Yes
Bomb No
Reference None
Safe Question No
Fusestopper location N/A
Lifebuoy location N/A

Question 78 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-eighth question of the Book's second Chapter, and the eighth one representing the Retro era of video games. In this case, the scenario is set in the middle of space, with pixelated stars in the background, and your mouse is controlling the planet Earth. The task you're given simply says: "Save us!".

After getting to this question, meteoroids will start sliding across the screen, coming from all directions. Your mission here is to move the Earth around while avoiding the meteoroids at all costs. If any of them make contact with the Earth, the planet will just explode and disintegrate entirely, you will lose a life, and the question will reset.

It's highly recommended that you keep the Earth near the lower border of the screen and move left and right around the Power-ups; this way, you can easily keep it away from the hazards. Once all meteoroids have flown by, you'll proceed right away.

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