The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 77
TIQB - 077

Somewhat hard


10 seconds


Several video games

Fusestopper Location

Hidden above the first lifebuoy.

Question 77 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-seventh question of the Book's second Chapter, and the seventh one to follow the visual theme inspired by the Retro era of video games. It's also the game's only searching question, as well as a 10-second bomb question.

Your task in this case is to "Search for the evil being". There are lots of little clickable objects scattered around the screen, all of which won't be visible unless you put your mouse on them. There are some references to well-known video games included among these.

TIQB - 077-Fusestopper

The location of the Fusestopper (Warning: it's RIDICULOUSLY small!)

The following list contains all the clickable objects on the screen; some of them appear in more than one single spot:

  • Earthworm Jim's head.
  • Koffing (a Pokémon).
  • Sonic's head.
  • Rayman's head.
  • Mario's/Luigi's head.
  • The Prince, of the "Katamari" series (his head).
  • A 4-square linear Tetris block.
  • A racing car.
  • A yellow spider.
  • A yellow smiling emoticon.
  • A small green face that sticks its tongue out when you click it.
  • A yellow face wearing sunglasses.
  • Chris' head.
  • A Spatulon's head.
  • A bomb.
  • The chapter's only Fusestopper, which you will immediately obtain if you click it (it's located above the first lifebuoy, or its empty space in case you didn't get it).

After quite a long time of going trial-and-error, you'll probably come to the conclusion that none of the beings present in this question is the evil one the task is talking about; and you would be right, because all of them (except for the Fusestopper of course) will make you lose a life if you click them.

In reality, the evil being of this question appears on its least aggressive possible form: letters. What is this supposed to mean? It means that the location of this so-called "evil being" is on the bottom left corner of the screen: the first four letters of the word "Lives", which spell "evil" when read backwards! Click on this subliminal manifestation of evil and you will safely escape from it!


  • Question 41 from The Impossible Quiz 2 also had an invisible Fusestopper to find, though that one was located above the third Skip.
  • Aside from being the only searching question in this chapter, it is the last one.