The Impossible Quiz
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Question 77



Mr. T

Question 77 from the Impossible Quiz is another "What is this?" question. There is a picture of an object that resemble some kind of bag or oven glove with a red "T" on it. The possible choices are "Teabag", "Testicle", "Mr T's oven glove", and "Question 77".

Nobody would know it the first time, but the question isn't exactly talking about the drawing with the T. Rather, it's probably talking about the whole screen in that moment, or maybe (probably) about that red number 77 enclosed by a similarly coloured circle, which is right next to the message. So for either of these reasons, the answer to this question is actually "Question 77".


  • Question 109 from the Impossible Quiz 2 features a similar question, along with a drawing of two charts fighting with each other. One of the possible options is "Question 109", similarly to how "Question 77" is an option in this one, but that's not the correct answer, since the question is actually talking about (and pointing to) the drawing in that situation; the answer is actually "Graphite" ("Graph fight").