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Question 56 from the Impossible Quiz is a variation of Question 47; you're now presented with a message that says "I hope you remembered!", shortly before the same yellow "Vanish" liquid from earlier is spilled and fills the whole screen again, making your cursor invisible; this time, however, rather than having one single red button, there are eight differently-colored buttons that will pop up on screen.

What this question pretends is that you remember the color code from Question 50, which said "Blue, red, blue, yellow", so what you have to do is to press those colors in the same order, without being able to see where your cursor is. Clicking a wrong color will take a life away. After correctly pressing the fourth button, you'll be sent to the following question.
Noskip You cannot skip this question.

Mobile versionEdit

Just like with Question 47, this one remains pretty much the same in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, with the difference that since there is no cursor, the "Vanish" liquid will actually make the buttons invisible. You'll have to put your finger on the screen and move it around until you manage to put it over any of the buttons, which will then become visible again. If you have your finger on one of the correct buttons, lift it in order to press it; you have to do the same with all four buttons in the correct order.

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