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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 42

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Question 42

TIQB - 042
Difficulty Easy
Skippable Yes
Bomb Yes (10 sec)
Reference "Bear Knuckle Pig Buster Fight"(Flash game by Gingerneck) / Worms
Safe Question No
Fusestopper location N/A
Skip location N/A

Question 42 of the Impossible Quiz Book makes a reference to a weird Flash fighting game called "Bear Knuckle Pig Buster Fight", made by Estonian deviantArt user Gingerneck, in which you could choose one of the available original "Worms" characters and fight Pig Buster (the one with red scarf and hat, who also appeared in Question 42 from the previous Quiz) using the "A" and "S" keys on your keyboard.

As soon as you get here, you'll see a random character (out of the ones you could choose in the original Flash) on the left side of the screen, and Pig Buster on the right side, with a health meter named "PIG BUSTER!!" above him. There's a 10-second bomb on the usual spot.

You have to do exactly the same as in the original game and fight Pig Buster to death, except this time you can use your entire keyboard, barring the Tab key of course. With each progressive punch, the meter will go down and Pig Buster's body will start to fall apart, revealing blood, the remains of his organs and his skeleton. Once the meter's empty and he has been beaten to a pulp, the character on the left will jump up and down in celebration, with the word "WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!" appearing right next to the 42, and the message "IS A DEAD ONE" appearing below the "PIG BUSTER!!" health bar. You'll then move on to the next question.

TIQB - 042 (2)

Victory!!! (notice the different character on the left).


  • This is not the only time Horse-worm and Pig Buster appear in any of the Impossible Quizzes. They also appear in Question 42 of TIQ2.
  • The only other question involving a 'mash' mechanism is Question 38 of TIQ2
  • The character is random, but this is not a random-parameter question because what you need to do is always the same.

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