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Question 40

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Question 40
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Difficulty Easy-Medium
Reference None
Question 40 is the tenth and final one of the additional questions that were going to be included in the unreleased The Impossible Quiz Beta, the extended edition of The Impossible Quiz Demo. The screenshots of this and some of its preceeding questions were originally revealed by Splapp-Me-Do himself in January 2014 through a post on his Tumblr page.

After correctly answering the previous question, some objects would rapidly flash on screen, including a microphone, a pen, an egg and a cloud, one of which would appear twice. After this, you would be presented with the question screen, which says "Which object appeared twice?". The potential answers, as you can expect, are the objects that had previously flashed on screen: "Pen", "Cloud", "Microphone" and "Egg".

Back when Splapp had revealed the screenshots, he hadn't stated which of the four options was the correct one, though in a later post he made responding to someone who asked for the answers to these extra questions, he confirmed the answer to this question was "Pen".

It's not known what was meant to happen after completing The Impossible Quiz Beta, though it would have most probably sent you to a screen similar to the final one of the The Impossible Quiz Demo, where you were told there would be more questions to come (before the temporary cancellation of the project, of course).

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