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The Impossible Quiz 2
Question 38

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Question 38
TIQ2 - 38
Difficulty Easy
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? Yes (10 sec)
Reference None
Safe Question? No
Fusestopper location N/A
Skip location N/A

Question 38 from the Impossible Quiz 2 simply tells you to "Mash!". There's a big blue rectangle that says "Mash-O-Meter™", containing a transparent bar inside. There's a 10-second bomb as well.

Pushing any key on your keyboard (except for Tab, obviously) will fill the Mash-O-Meter a little. So in order to proceed, do as you're told and smash your keyboard. Be careful not to break it, or to press the Tab button. As soon as it gets filled, you'll move on to the next question.

Mobile version

Needless to say, the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2 requires you to repeatedly tap the screen in this question instead, due to the lack of a keyboard.


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