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Question 34

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Question 34
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Difficulty Medium-Hard
Reference None

Question 34 is the fourth additional question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, the extended version of the Demo. The picture of this question was originally revealed by Splapp-Me-Do himself in January 2014 through a post on his Tumblr page, along with pictures of some of the other extra questions.

This one consisted of an early version of Question 26 from the full version of the Impossible Quiz: you would have been presented with some traffic signs that tell you the name of different locations. Above them, the question reads "Which of these places doesn't exist?". There were eight possible answers written in the signs:

  • Germansweek.
  • Wetwang.
  • Flangeworth.
  • Bitchfield.
  • Blubberhouses.
  • Brown Willy.
  • Twatt.
  • Budd's Titson.

While the majority of these names were specifically chosen to confuse whoever played this game, all but one of them are the real names of different locations in the UK. The correct option, and the one that isn't the name of a real location, is "Flangeworth".

When this question was recreated for the full Quiz, two of the options, namely "Wetwang" and "Flangeworth", were removed and replaced by a single option, "Arsefacey", which was the correct one in that case.
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