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Question 34









Safe question?


Question 34 from the Impossible Quiz is the second safe question in the game, since there is no way for you to lose a life here. The task on the upper part of the screen says "Elephants don't like mice!". Below that, there's a mouse hole, and next to the hole a sign pointing at it, with an elephant head and a number 3 written. To advance to the next question, move the cursor away from the game screen and three small elephants will walk into the mousehole. The message above was actually talking about your computer mouse, and the mousehole was there to confuse you as well. Once all three elephants are inside the hole, you'll then move on.
Safe This is a safe question. This means that players cannot lose any life or get a game over in this question.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, since there is no cursor (because there is no mouse either), the task was changed to "Elephants like being touched!". In order to proceed, you have to put your finger on the screen and hold it until the three elephants have gone inside the mouse hole.


  • At the very end of the Impossible Quiz Book, the elephant from this question, frightened, can be seen being sucked into the black hole along with everything else from the Impossible Quiz series. The signboard that points to the mousehole is also visible during the final stages of the Impossible Quiz's breakdown, in Question 148.

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