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Question 33

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Question 33
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Difficulty Very easy
Reference None
Question 33 is the third additional question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, the extended edition of the Demo. This question was originally revealed by Splapp-Me-Do himself in January 2014 through a post on his Tumblr page, along with some of the other extra ones.

As it turns out, this is an early version of Question 37 from the full Impossible Quiz from 2007: it says "Can you get this question wrong?". Rather than having four possible options, however, there is just one big option box below that has "NO!" written on it.

There are no tricks in this question: if you could play this game, you really wouldn't get it wrong! Clicking on the big "NO!" would send you to the following question right away.

Safe This is a safe question. This means that players cannot lose any life or get a game over in this question.


  • This is the first safe question in the Impossible Quiz Series.

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