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Question 31








Badly Drawn Dawg (character by Splapp)

Safe question?


Question 31 from the Impossible Quiz marks the very first appearance in the Impossible Quiz series of one of Splapp-Me-Do's most well-known characters: the Badly Drawn Dawg. There is no message or question above the choices, only him. The option boxes contain from one to four "Woofs" inside, each and all of them followed by full stops.

If you wait for a few seconds, you will hear the dog bark. He will always say "Woof" three times, every time you get to this question. The answer is then "Woof. Woof. Woof". This is because during the "Badly Drawn Dawg" animations, whenever he barks, most of the time he barks three times.
Untranslatable This question contains ambiguity that cannot be translated.

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