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Question 22
Demo 22




Question 22 of the Impossible Quiz Demo, also intended to be the twenty-second question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, is the first searching question of the series, and a rather difficult one. The task in this case simply says "Search!", followed by a magnifying glass. Below, there seems to be nothing you could interact with.

What you must do here is to move your mouse around the screen, making stuff like drawn crosses and short messages like "NO", "WRONG" and "INCORRECT" pop up. All of these are your possible options.

Demo 22 check

The location of the check

You're looking for a green check, which is located on the right side of the screen, slightly below the middle. The hitbox of the mark is EXTREMELY small, so it might take you a while to find its location, though if you want, you can use the Tab key freely to highlight the clickable objects (as the Tab key can be used in this quiz only) one by one until you make the tick. Click it, and you'll move on right away.

This question has also appeared in the full version of the Quiz, placed as the eighth question; the tick has been relocated right below the "se" in "Search", and it's actually easier to spot it this time around, due to the hitbox being slightly bigger than in here.

All the Possible Answers in Question 22, The Impossible Quiz Demo

All the possible answers.