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Question 15

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Question 15









Safe question?


Question 15 from the Impossible Quiz is the first question where the "Sorry, no skipping!" sign blocks the row of Skips so that the question is unskippable. There is a keyboard on the screen with clickable letters. Above the keyboard is a message saying "Neigh! Whinny!" and a black sillhouette of a horse.

To solve this question, you need to type "horse" using the in-game keyboard, since a horse makes the sounds mentioned by the message, not to mention there's the horse's sillhouette right there. Pressing any wrong letter makes you lose a life. You may have already known what to type, since it's a horse shown, without needing to look up the answer to this question.
Noskip You cannot skip this question.


  • Question 101 of this quiz is a reprise of this question.
  • Question 119 from The Impossible Quiz 2 features the Frank Bomb, which requires you to spell stuff in order to diffuse it. The question has you spelling three different words, the first of which is also "horse". It even shows the same horse sillhouette used in this question.

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