The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 12
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Question 12 of The Impossible Quiz 2 says "Answer this question upside-down!", with the question itself being written upside-down. Possible options are "Fine" written the right way up, "Alright" written upside-down AND backwards at the same time, "K" written upside-down, and "Cucumber" written upside-down as well.

The answer in this case is "Fine" written normally, either because the answer would still be "Fine" even if you were upside-down, or because if you actually got upside-down to read the question you would notice that all of them are written the right way up from that perspective, except for "Fine", which is upside-down when seen like that.


  • The question is most likely referencing Question 3 from the first Quiz, which had the task "Answer this question backwards!" written backwards itself. The answer was "K.O", which is the word "O.K." written backwards.