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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 118

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Question 118

TIQB - 118
Time Period The Impossible Quiz 2 (2007)
Difficulty Medium
Skippable Yes
Bomb No
Reference(s) Question 10 (from TIQ2)
Safe question No
Fusestopper location N/A
Skip location N/A

Question 118 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the eighteenth question of the third Chapter, and the first one to take you to the time when The Impossible Quiz 2 was first released to the public, back in 2007. As such, you can expect this question to have a blue question number, a red question message, and purple option boxes with white letters.

This time, you're presented with the same question used as Question 10 in the original game: "What happens if you p... p... p... pick up a penguin?", though the "i" in "penguin" is missing for some reason. The options you're given say "Nothing", "It blows your hand off", "It fills your stomach" and "Penguin poo".

In the original you had to pick up the words "a penguin?" to find the button that would lead you to the next question. However, when you move these words away in this question, you will just find a big time scar. Do not click it, since it is NOT the answer and it will just take a life away.

TIQB - 118 (2)

The hidden time scar

The answer in this case is actually one of the option boxes, namely the second one, "It blows your hand off". This does make some sense, considering that without the "i" in "penguin" the word can be read as "pengun" (a pen gun), and picking up this kind of pen would blow your hand off in the process. Notice how the correct option is the only one of the four to be different from the original, which said "It pecks your face off".

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