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The Impossible Quiz 2
Question 116

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Question 116
TIQ2 - 116
Difficulty Hard (Medium on mobile)
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? Yes: 10 sec (PC); 15 sec (Mobile)
Reference None
Safe Question? No

Question 116 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the sixteenth one of Chris's Incredible 20. It is a 10-second bomb question. On the right side of the screen there's the open back of a Fusestopper, with little holes of different shapes, and next to it there's a table with 8 parts that belong in there. Your task is to simply drag each of the parts into their corresponding holes and make them fit, before the time runs out.

Sounds really easy, but the parts are very small, and you have to be quite precise when you drag them over to fit them in the Fusestopper. You can use one of yours to blow the bomb away or simply use a Skip to go to the next question (it's highly recommended that you save at least one of these Power-ups for this question).

After you have fit all of the parts, the door on the Fusestopper's back will be closed as it laughs maniacally, before you move on right away. 
Screenshot 2014-06-06-18-47-54

In the iOS version, this became Question 115, and the bomb was given a 15 second timer.

Mobile version

Question 116 (iOS)
Screenshot 2014-06-02-16-40-52
Difficulty Easy-Medium
Skippable? Yes
Bomb? Yes (10 sec)
Reference None
Safe Question? No

Due to the original Question 114 being completely omitted from the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, the original Question 115 had to take its spot, with this one becoming number 115 in the process (and being given a 15-second bomb instead of a 10-second one).

Simultaneously, a brand new 10-second bomb question took the spot of number 116, asking "What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work?". Your options here are "Horseshoe", "Happy face", "A stick" and "Broken". The answer is "A stick", because the only way a boomerang could fail to work correctly is if it doesn't have the required curve shape; this can only mean that you're trying to use a stick as if it was a boomerang.


  • The number "116" on the sign held by Chris right before the question screen appears seems to be made out of poop.

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