The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 112
TIQ2 - 112 (1)
Difficulty Medium
Bomb 15 seconds
Reference(s) None

Question 112 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the twelfth question of Chris's Incredible 20. It's a 15-second bomb question. Upon getting here, you find yourself in a kitchen, with a table in front of you. On the left side of the table there's a can of "Cheesy Fish Mush" and Chris's bowl behind it, and on the right side you'll see a can opener.

TIQ2 - 112 (2)

The question when completed.

Your task is to drag the can of Fish Mush to where the can opener is, and then spin the opener's wheel by moving your cursor in circles over it (you might have to save a Fusestopper for this). It is highly recommended to move the mouse around over the light grey area, which makes the process quicker. After spinning it for a while, the can opener will go away, and you'll then have to drag the open can to where Chris's bowl is, and it will automatically serve itself, much to Chris's delight. You will be then sent to the following question.

Mobile version

Question 112 (iOS)
Screenshot 2014-06-02-16-40-07
Difficulty Easy
Bomb 10 seconds
Reference(s) None

Surprisingly, this question was also replaced in the iOS port of The Impossible Quiz 2, being replaced by an original question, which asks "What is the laziest mountain in the world?". The options you are given say "Kilimanjaro", "Mckinley", "Everest" and "Elbrus".

The answer in this case is "Everest", since the name can be pronounced as "ever rest", which means it must be the laziest mountain in the world if that's how much it rests.


  • The number "112" on Chris's sign right before the question begins was written in Roman numerals ("CXII").

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