The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 111
TIQB - 111
Time Period

The Impossible Quiz Book - Chapter 2 (2010) / Monochrome video game era





Question 111 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the eleventh question of Chapter 3, where you are taken to the Monochrome era of video games, used throughout the first ten questions of Chapter 2. The only two colours are black in the background and green for the question number, task and options, as usual. There are two broken areas, one under the question number and one next to the question.

You are asked "Which is the sexiest guitar string?", and the options you're given are "A", "B", "E" and "G", all of which make the sound of different guitar strings when you hover your mouse on them.

The correct one out of those is "G", referring to a G-string, which is a kind of thong underwear or swimsuit generally worn by women. And that is sexy indeed.