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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 10

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Question 10

TIQB - 010
Difficulty Easy
Skippable Yes
Bomb No
Reference "Badly Drawn Dawg", series 3, episode 1
Safe Question No
Fusestopper location N/A
Skip location N/A

Question 10 of the Impossible Quiz Book is a reference to "Bitch", the first episode of series 3 of Splapp-Me-Do's Flash animation "Badly Drawn Dawg". More specifically, it references the moment of the animation where the Badly Drawn Dawg and the Badly Drawn Bitch start making love, and the camera zooms into the female's reproductive system.

In this question, you're presented with a small passageway of her system, with the command "Sperm count!" on the upper part of the screen. Shortly after getting here, you will see a handful of the Dawg's sperms swimming their way across the screen. Four options will then pop, consisting of round signs each containing a number from 5 to 8.

You have to count how many sperms just passed by, and the only two possible amounts you could get here are 7 (if the tired-looking one was swimming on the lower part) and 8 (if the tired-looking one was in the upper part). Click the corresponding number and you'll proceed. Clicking a wrong one will force you to watch the sperms again.
Random This question contains varying parameters that players need to know.

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