The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 109
TIQ2 - 109



15 seconds



Question 109 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the ninth question of Chris's Incredible 20, and the fifth picture question of the game. It is a 15-second bomb question. The question says "What is this?", with an arrow pointing an image of a pie chart and a bar chart fighting each other, and the possible answers are "Question 109", "Graphite", "A vicious circle" and "A four letter word".

The correct option is "Graphite", because it's a pun on the words "Graph fight", which perfectly describe the situation depicted in this question.


  • The option "A four letter word" is referring to either the word "this" in the question or the onomatopoeia "BIFF!" in the drawing (since the arrow almost seems to be pointing at it), but neither of the two are correct anyways.
  • One of the answers "Question 109" references Question 77 of the original Impossible Quiz, but there is an arrow as a disclaimer, as it is not the correct answer this time.