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The Impossible Quiz Book
Question 108

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Question 108

TIQB - 108
Time Period Origin of the universe (Over 15 billion years ago)
Difficulty Hard
Skippable Yes
Bomb Yes (20 sec)
Reference(s) The theory of the Big Bang
Safe question No
Fusestopper location N/A
Skip location N/A

Question 108 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the eighth question of Chapter 3, making a huge jump towards the past within the timeline. When the player gets here, he/she will only see pitch darkness in the whole screen, the only things on sight being the white question number and a 20-second bomb in the top right corner (the first one of the Chapter).

TIQB -post108

The question upon being completed

There is no clickable object of any kind, besides the stuff on the lower side of the screen. For the most part the player won't see any task, until the player reaches the final three seconds of the bomb, where a "Hint" box will pop-up in the top part of the screen, containing the message: "Create the universe!".

All the player has to do here is to create the universe, by typing the word "Bang". This is referencing the Big Bang theory, which states that the universe originated as the result of an "explosion" of sorts, or more precisely, the quick expansion of the universe from its original state, which was hot and extremely dense.

Typing every correct letter will make a really small twinkle appear in the middle of the screen, and after the player has typed all four letters, an explosion will take place, with stars, planets and even Mars expanding from the eye of the explosion. The player will then be sent to the following question.


  • Unlike in previous questions of past quizzes with the number 108, this particular question doesn't have any reference to "Lost".
  • This question is very much an inversion of Question 100 from the previous quiz, which commanded the player to "Turn off the universe", complete with Mars taking on a sad expression in contrast with his joy here when the universe is re-created.
TIQB - 108(2)

The question task that appears during the final three seconds

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