The Impossible Quiz
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Question 105



10 seconds



Question 105 from the Impossible Quiz is the fifth one of The Epic 10 questions, and the eight of nine questions originated as an idea by Rabid-Coot. It's the final picture question of the game, and contains a 10-second bomb as well. It asks "What is this?". There's a picture of a banana below, on the right side on the screen, and next to it the usual four potential answers. However, none of these option boxes say "Banana"; rather, they say "Kiwi", "Nectarine", "Apple" and "Gooseberry".

This question is a tricky one, and the player requires some insane logic to work out the answer: what what the player must do is to spell the word "banana" using the "B" in "gooseberry", the "A" in "apple" and the second "N" in "nectarine". The player must use these letters to spell the word "banana", which will appear on the picture as the player do it, and he/she will move on to the next question.