First appearance:

The Impossible Quiz Book



Lifebuoys are a kind of Power-Up that have only appeared in The Impossible Quiz Book. It's the last Power-Up to be introduced in the series, and by far the one that has appeared the least.

Bearing the name of "S.S. Impossible Ringpiece" written on it, this Power-Up serves as a protection for your lives counter. Clicking on one after obtaining it will place it on top of your number of lives, and if you happen to get a question wrong, only the Lifebuoy will explode, leaving your number of lives intact. Thus, it essentially serves as an extra life.

This Power-Up was originally revealed in the "Instructions" section of Chapter 1, though its first real appearance was in Chapter 2. It was also going to be used in Chapter 3 as well, but since Splapp thought it wasn't all that good (plus he had some problems trying to fix a glitch that involved it), it was removed from that Chapter, in favor of a Fusestopper.

The only obtainable Lifebuoy of the series is located in the beginning of the ZX Spectrum-inspired section of the game: you will be presented with a cassette player and the word LOAD. In order to obtain the Lifebuoy, you have to type "lifebuoy" next to "LOAD", and after pressing the "Play" button you will instantly receive the Power-Up; you must do this before trying to load the following ten questions.

There were two glitches related to this item of the game: one of them will make you start from the beginning of the Quiz having the Lifebuoy already after getting a Game Over, thus serving as an exploit. The other one has a more negative effect: if you make the Lifebuoy protect your counter when you have only one life left, getting a question wrong will give you a Game Over anyway, instead of blowing the Lifebuoy up. Splapp has stated that the first of these two glitches is the reason why he dropped the Power-Up from Chapter 3, since he couldn't manage to fix it and deadlines were coming close.


If you want to beat Chapter 2 without wanting to reach a higher grade, a Lifebuoy is a really useful powerup to use. Because if you use a Lifebuoy with 1 life left and it blows up, it is advised to use this if you have 2 to 5 Lives. Be sure to get at least 1 Game Over and restart so you get a Lifebuoy, plus another one in Question 60, but you must use the 1st Lifebuoy in order to hold the 2nd Lifebuoy. When you use a Lifebuoy, it stays in the Life Counter for the entire game until you get a wrong answer so it is ok to use it early as possible. This is really useful in Question 70 where Pac-Frank allows the player to easily lose lives.

Prototype Lifebuoy


The prototype lifebuoy asset from Chapter 1

While the item did not appear in Chapter 1, it included a placeholder asset, which was much smaller and simpler than the finished version, with very different colors. The size difference is also reflected on the locked slots compared to the single locked lifebuoy in Chapter 2. The placeholder asset only read "S.S. Impossible", lacking the "Ringpiece" text.

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