Logo for "Chris's Incredible 20"

Chris's Incredible 20 are the final twenty questions of The Impossible Quiz 2. Right after you turn off the universe (or answered how many letters are in Mississippi on the iOS version), Chris, beaten up but still on his feet, slowly walks in and waves to you with a smile on his face. He'll lift a sign with a message in red letters that says "It's time for...", before the logo for "Chris's Incredible 20" fades in behind him. You'll then start with the most intense questions of the game, brought to you by the series' mascot himself, who's made colorful signs with each of the question numbers just for you!

In between questions, Chris would give a thumbs up and the word "Correct!" appears in green under his arm. He then shows the sign for the next question number.

Background Music:

In Your Face
  • by Tatsu-Takahashi (Newgrounds Audio Portal)

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